If it's going to end up on a screen, Visual Reality can produce it.

Whether it's a television program, a TV commercial,  concert footage to large screens and DVDs, recording a conference, a training video, or capturing the unforgettable moments during a wedding, Visual Reality applies its extensive professional production experience to produce an unrivalled, spectacular but cost-effective result.


We regularly provide coverage of international conferences and award nights. Our cameras serve a dual purpose, providing live video to screens at the venue and for instant DVD sales of the event.

What makes us different is attention to detail. Before we take a single frame of video, Visual Reality will ensure the lighting is perfect -- often setting up lights and reflectors to ensure the best possible end result, even if we're shooting outside in natural light. Sound is an aspect of video production often overlooked, but we realise it's just as vital to get that right as it is to get the best possible pictures. So we'll use radio lapel microphones, in order to ensure crystal clear audio accompanies the perfect pictures.


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